Thank you for wearing the gute wahl with great care.
We instruct you about shoes maintenance to extend your wearing period.

High quality after-sales service

The gute wahl dealers receive aftercare like repair or replacement of parts.
According to your needs, the crafts men in our factory will repair your shoes in high quality.

Please feel free to contact a dealer nearby.
Dealer list


Major repair items

● Insole replacement
When you wear the shoes for long period of time, the insole get dirty or imprint on surface material.
Also material itself may lose its ability.
We have new insole to replace.

●Outsole (sole) replacement
When you notice wearing on the outsole, we can replace the outsole.
To maintain wearing comfort, it is important for you to check the outsole regularly.

● Partial repair for upper and lining
We can repair wearing, damaged part by attaching material on that.

●Hook and loop fastener replacement
The shoes which has hook and loop fastener tend to lose the adhesive force in the long run when you repeat on and off the fastener every day.
We recommend to replace hook and loop fastener when you notice low adhesive force.

●Fastener replacement
When you notice the fastener clog with something, we can replace the fastener.

※You can order other kind of replacement. Feel free to ask us!

If you have any issue about repair like there is no dealer nearby, feel free to ask us via “Contact us”. (Please select “Question” in pull down menu in “Request”)

You can wear the gute wahl longer or more comfortable when you apply maintenance daily.
You can also realize goodness of the leather or the gute wahl by applying shoes care.
We inform you about easy care for the leather shoes.

Daily maintenance

●Upper leather maintenance
Clean dirt on the surface and supply nutrition on the leather.

Step 1. Please use brash to clean dirt or dust on the upper leather.
     You can also use cleaner to clean the dust more.
     ※When you apply the cleaner for the first,
         it’s better to try that on discreet part to find the cleaner doesn’t stain the leather.

Step 2. Apply shoes cream to supply nutrition on the leather.
        Use soft cloth to spread and blend the shoes cream.

Step 3. Polish entire upper surface by using brush or cloth.
        You can wipe out excessive shoes cream and make the surface shine.


● Raised leather maintenance
If you apply shoes cream on raised lather, it would stain the leather.
You also need to use specialized brush for raised leather.

Step 1. Please use brash to clean dirt or dust in the hair on upper leather.
        It’s better to use brush to raise the hair to clean well.
       ※You can also use special cleaner for raised leather to clean stiff dirt.

Step 2. Use swede brush to clean up hair.

Step 3. Apply specialized waterproof spray for raised leather.
        It will prevent stain from water or oil, dirt on the leather.


● Enamel leather maintenance
Special processing is applied on enamel leather.
Please use specialized shoes cream for enamel leather.

Step 1. Please use cloth to clean dirt or dust on the upper leather.

Step 2. Apply specialized shoes cream for enamel leather and spread and blend the shoes cream to polish.


●About outsole
Polyurethane sole is used for the gute wahl.
The polyurethane sole has remarkable anti slippage, anti-wearing features and also it is light weight.
However, on the other hand, it is delicate to humid.
It will also deteriorate in the long term and the deterioration might proceed regardless of the usage count.

Please pay attention to the list below to use the gute wahl for long period of time.

1. It’s appropriate to store the products in the place with breeze.
2. When the products is wet, please wipe out the water well and dry in the shade.
3. To prevent deterioration, it is better to wear the shoes regularly and not to store long period of time.