For work trip and after-five. A supporter for working women.

Round shaped design and elegant style like pumps.
These shoes are preferred by working women. Medallion on the tip of the toe imposes cuteness to the shoes.

Color : Brown,  Black
(Order production products : Gray)

Size (0.5cm pitch):21.5~25.5cm  

Shoe inserts : EVA with Recolte covered

Price : Yen 28,600 (Tax Included)

Many women drive their foot hard from stand-up work.
Unfitted pumps or too high heel may cause splay foot, hallux valgus or lower back pain, knee pain.
We recommend to wear “gute wahl” to maintain your foot health and not after “You had hallux valgus” or “felt pain on planter foot”.”
(Especially, customers with hallux valgus need to apply stretching to the shoes upper.)